Thinking Out Loud: 9 Reasons Why I’m Thankful Today

Good morning all! Happy Thanksgiving! This post was actually written 2 weeks ago but I’m just as thankful as I actually publish it today! Life has been very busy lately but I intended to get back on a regular posting schedule soon. I miss sharing my thoughts more often on the blog…    Anyhow, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday!

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined in the Thinking Out Loud party that happens over at Amanda’s every Thursday.

But I’m grateful to be able to link up now!

Can you guess what am I thinking about today?

That’s right! Thankfulness.

Although I am not in America at the present moment and won’t be for Thanksgiving 2015, I currently find myself completely overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for all of His blessings.

Of course it’s nice to have thankful feelings but let me assure you there are days where I don’t feel thankful at all. I’m sure you’ve had those kind of days too and it is  in these moments that we are still to be thankful regardless of our feelings, right?

However, since I do feel extremely thankful today I thought I’d roll with it and jot down the reasons why.

Are you thankful today too? Share with me in the comments your top reasons for thankfulness!

Thankfulness is especially necessary in recovery because it can be so easy to get caught up in the details of the process–battling ED thoughts, pursuing balanced eating, avoiding triggers–that we forget the bigger picture.

And what is that bigger picture?

That Jesus loves us, can heal us and wants to give us the best life possible.

Jesus can give clarity and purpose to our recoveries. He is the reason we are alive and have made it through the darkest parts of our life.

Jesus alone is one amazing reason to be thankful, don’t you think? 😉

Because Jesus is such an amazing reason to be thankful I could end the post right here but Jesus has given me some gifts for which I’m extremely thankful this glorious fall day!

I’d be remiss not to share them! 🙂

1. Jesus’ patience with me

I am SO absolutely grateful for Jesus’ patience with me. He continues to forgive me when I make mistakes, gives me energy to keep moving forward and is there for me every second of every day.

2. My family

I have the best family in the world. I’m so blessed to have such godly, hardworking, loving people in my life. My parents have been with me through every step of my journey, cheering me on and providing a wonderful home. As for my sister? She is so much awesomeness in one (human) package I can hardly stand it. 🙂 To say the least, I’m grateful for my folks.

3. Good weather

It’s been an unusually warm fall here in Japan  where I live. Not that I was here last year, but just hearing from people who have lived here for awhile it is normally quite cold already. While we’ve had a few cold days lately, most of our weather has been mild. The sun is out on most days too, making this fall a golden delight. I don’t like cold weather so I’m especially grateful for this lingering warmth!

4. Sleep

I have been so tired lately. To be honest I was a bit surprised at this at first because I rarely get tired. But since my body seems to be craving more rest these days I’ve decided to go with the flow and get a little more sleep. I am so thankful for a comfy bed and the ability to get tired because it remands me that I’m human and need to take time for self-care.

During my the depths of my eating disorder I couldn’t have cared less about taking care of myself. I ignored my hunger and sleep signals to the point where they hardly existed (more on that in another post). However, today I am grateful that God is giving me the ability to be able to listen to my body and act accordingly. #recoverywins

5. Friends

Friends are God’s blessing to us as relational human beings. Whether it’s Skyping with my lovely friends back in the States or making new friends (in a new language) here in Japan, friends are blessing and I am grateful for them. Friends have played a significant part of my journey and they constantly make me think and challenge me to be a better person.

6. Running

Running and I have a had a very tumultuous relationship in the past as it played a crucial negative part in my eating disorder. Yet I’m extremely grateful that I’m in the process of finding a healthy, happy balance with exercise. I no longer feel as if I have to run X number of miles kilometers anymore or force myself to do exercises I don’t even like.

For the present, I’m focusing on enjoying nature and doing what makes me feel good which happens to be running right now. The fall colors here are gorgeous and taking a nice long run after work gives me so much joy. I’m grateful that Jesus has given us humans the gift of movement and I want Him to continue to teach me how to use it in a balanced way.

7. New experiences

Life is full of new experiences lately. Since coming to Japan, I’ve met so many wonderful people, learned so many new words, new foods, explored new ways of transportation and the list could continue forever. BUT, that’s not the point.

The point is that I am grateful for these new experiences that continue to catapult me out of my comfort zone and stretch my brain to the max. They are developing me into a stronger person and opening my mind to a way of life I’ve never before experienced. I’m grateful for all the new experiences, both good and bad, because they are teaching me to rely on Jesus. I want Him to be my Best Friend and Guide in this Japan adventure.

8. God’s love

God’s love is awesome. It is unconditional and overwhelming. Recently I’ve tried to take some moments to consider the Cross and the amazing sacrifice of Jesus. The amount of pain and hardship He went through for us to be free from whatever binds us is almost too good to be true. Yet it is true and everyday Jesus continues to give us strong evidences of His love and care.  I’m so grateful that God loves me. He loves you too.

9. YOU

I’m grateful for you–the readers of this blog–who, well, read (of course), listen, comment, and cheer me on in this journey to wholeness. You are truly a blessing!

Have a tremendous Thursday!


What are you thankful for this fine fall day? How does thankfulness help you in your day-to-day battles? What is your favorite holiday?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 9 Reasons Why I’m Thankful Today

  1. So many amazing things to be grateful for 🙂 Yes, yes, yes to all the big things like faith, family, and friends, but also to the small things like sunny days, warm coffee, clean bedsheets, and chocolate. So many blessings in our lives — it’s amazing.

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