Bye Bye Burdens: 3 Simple Steps for Getting Rid of Them

bye bye burdens

Did’ya miss me on Wednesday? 😉 I usually post a recipe midweek but last week that didn’t happen. As you may know, I am utilizing most of my energy prepping for my Japan trip and am discovering that recipe testing and posting will no longer fit into my schedule. I’ll probably post an occasional recipe every now and then but for now I’ll focus mostly on the more wordy posts seen here on the blog.

The Surrendered Stomach blog is a growing 3 month old passing through new phases and stages. 🙂

Anyhow… How was your weekend? Mine was very interesting. A good friend of mine delivered her baby over the weekend so I’ve been busy babysitting her older child and absorbing the absolute beauty of a fresh, new life! While spending time with my cute, 4-year-old buddy I am learning so much that could apply to eating disorder recovery. Children are so carefree! They savor the moment and don’t worry about anything…. More on that in a future post. 😉

For now I’d like to share some lessons I learned from the Psalms this week. As I mentioned before, part of my recovery is to spend quality time with God through His word and through prayer daily.

I’m not sure why I find such inspiration in the Psalms specifically. Maybe it’s because David’s personality reminds me of my own. I resonate with his passionate, emotional spirit and find myself in that portion of the Bible at least once a day. 😉

I happened to check BlueLetterBible’s verse of the day the other morning and Psalm 55:22 appeared on my screen.

Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you;  Psalm 55:22a, NKJV

This sounds great,  I thought. But how does this all work practically?

The burdens are real ya’ll. For you and for me. Although life is certainly a blessing we can’t pretend that there are no stresses, concerns, anxieties, and troubles.

But these don’t have to stop us, they don’t have to weigh us down. There’s another option– a solution to our various “mental weights.”

According to this verse the solution lies in the simple verb “to cast.”

To cast essentially means “to throw or fling” something. This action is done quickly and with energy. We don’t fling an item slowly, do we? The definition of “to cast” alone gives me a clue as to the way in which we are to give our burdens to Jesus.

Whether our burden be shame, guilt, failure, anxiety or anything else, we should throw it to God as quickly as possible. No hanging on to it, and no apathetic, careless toss either.

We’re talkin’ about a full-fledged, energized, fling! Of course this is not to be done in a wild and disrespectful way, but in a God I need You right now cause You’re the only One who can help me kind of way.

So let it go! Get rid of it–and quickly! Friends can help us some, but it’s impossible for them to bear the weight of our burdens because they’ll buckle and break! Humans are humans and although we can (and should) help each other, we simply cannot give infinite support the way Jesus can.

Jesus is the only One who is able to sustain us.

Because Jesus is strong. Wise. Experienced. Divine. Love. Invincible. Our Sympathizer. Our Peace. Our Comfort. Our Guide. Our Redeemer. Our Sustainer. And much, much more!

He is more than strong enough to carry the weight of our burdens, leaving us lighter than the clouds!

But that’s not the end of the story. He doesn’t just carry our burdens, He carries us too. 

And He shall sustain you…

As we promptly cast our cares on the Lord instead of seeking to work them out on our own or keeping them to share with others, we become free to rest in His arms.

Jesus will sustain–bolster, relieve, nurture, uphold, help, preserve, save, nourish (and all the other synonyms of sustain)–you and me!

He will faithfully support us throughout all of the burdens of life and keep us from falling apart.

So back to my initial question: How does this all work practically?

I believe that this works practically in 3 simple steps:

  1. Recognize your burden.

Because you can’t get rid of it unless you know it’s there… Identify exactly what is stressing you or making you anxious.

2. Get it off of you and onto Jesus ASAP!

This is our part in the process of burden shedding. We can do this by immediately praying and telling Jesus our burdens and leaving them with Him.

3. Allow Jesus to sustain you.

Rest and completely relax. God is infinitely wise and promises to work everything out.  Praise Him for His help and support and continue to allow Him to support you. Don’t even think about trying to shoulder those burdens again! 🙂

And that’s it for today! I’ll see you around next week with some more thoughts on the journey of recovery!


What burdens might you be carrying that you can cast on Jesus? How can you apply the 3 simple steps to your life? How has your weekend been going? Which portion of the Bible do you find yourself reading often? 


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